The Marianne Morning Routine

Does the world need yet another morning routine article? Well, maybe we’re not quite done with those yet.

In a pre-pandemic world I was obsessed with crafting the perfect morning routine. And by capitalism standards that basically meant finding the one routine that would guarantee I had the most productive day ahead. Extensive research taught me two things:

  1. if you want to have a productive day, start slow – but pack in as many activities as possible.
  2. hundreds of articles share the same morning routine over and over again, there’s nothing groundbreaking about them anymore.

So I could sit here and tell you that if you want to conquer the day you should get up at 5am, do some yoga followed by a solid workout routine, have a healthy breakfast, take some time to journal, write a gratitude list, write a manifestation list, meditate and finally, take a cold shower to get your blood pumping.

If you want to get it all done in a day and still call it a morning routine, the you should get up at 5am – trust me, I followed the recipe for months. It sounds exhausting, but it’s actually great. There’s power in discipline and pushing your boundaries. Many mornings saw me waking up to a sky in flames, watching the sun rising from my bedroom window. It would take me hours until I checked every item off my list and be officially ready for the day.

It feels like a lifetime ago. Isolation has brought a new perspective and routine into my life. Mood swings are part of the deal and they come and go as they please. Some mornings are welcomed with the force of motivation and to-do lists while others are gentle reminders that there’s a new day to conquer and not a lot going on. I’ve been reading a lot of books, and you don’t need an active morning routine for that. Geez, you don’t even need to leave your bed at all. Just lie there horizontally all day if you want, no one can even judge you for that. So indulge, there will come a time when you won’t have the option anymore.

I read Normal People for the second time, after watching the show god knows how many times – an excellent quarantine activity. I noticed that life now is like summer holidays when you’re stuck at home. You could be in Ireland or America, you could be yourself or Marianne Sheridan. It doesn’t make much difference.

Marianne has nothing to do but sit in the garden watching insects wriggle through soil. Inside she makes coffee, sweeps floors, wipes down surfaces.

So maybe now that you’re living through this historical moment in history, you should let go of your productive routine temporarily. The world doesn’t need your obsession with productivity at the moment. I mean, don’t get me wrong, don’t let go of yourself completely. Maybe now we should focus on the self-care routine. It’s not a good a thing to scroll through your phone first thing in the morning but maybe just lie in bed a bit longer reading long articles about the imminent financial crises. If you need more details, refer to the quote at the beginning of the article. I call it the Marianne routine, but you can make it your own.

The Marianne Morning Routine

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