Spring in Lockdown

In lockdown, spring is unfolding before my eyes. I read this sentence on an article the other day and it stuck with me. Since lockdown began I have been closely watching the days go by. Marvelling at how things change slowly and then all at once. The world around me is drastically transforming and at the same time, nothing is changing at all. The days just bleed into each other. I remain the same, but something about me is different. There’s a sense of urgency. There’s a life out there waiting for me and I’m suck inside these four walls.

I made a little video representing the change of seasons in lockdown. Winter bleeding into spring. Myself bleeding into…madness? I love how spring makes everything feel alive. It’s like a new beginning. Despite everything it’s been nice watching flowers bloom and nature do its dance. It is a a wonderful world.

I hope you like it!


Spring in Lockdown

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