[I don’t know] How to be a grown person


Adulting is hard. And I don’t know How to be a grown person.

[I don't know] How to be a grown person

This is painful to admit, but it’s a Saturday night and I’m sitting alone at my kitchen table. Sober. I’ve been blaming this whole situation on quarantine, but let’s be honest, lockdown is lifting and people by now have gone on fun road trips across the country (I might have watched the whole thing on instagram). Which reminds me, I’m actually sick of instagram, but that obviously won’t stop me from scrolling through my feed in a couple minutes. How else would I know what the cool people are doing!!

I used to think I was a Rory Gilmore, but I’m more of a Lorelai. I don’t enjoy being studious and cerebral, I enjoy watching movies and eating sweets instead. I can quote all the lines in One Fine Day, but unfortunately that’s not a skill I can add to my resume – nor use it as a party trick, or to merely impress anyone in real life either, so I’ve basically just wasted hours of my life watching it over and over again.

I should be saving my money, but recently made the executive decision to splurge on some kitchen supplies and since then I’ve baked so many cookies, the supply has vastly overpowered the demand. Will that stop me from baking another batch tomorrow? I’d say no, but that’ll depend on mood, because yes, sometimes I behave like a moody teenager whose body and brain are actually going through a transformation. In my case, though, it’s just mercury retrograde – I have no idea what that actually implies, but it’s nice having something else to blame shit on other than myself – the actual culprit).

But let me share with you my secret to instant feel good vibes and overcoming self pity: reading up on other people’s failures. It’s refreshing, what can I say.



[I don’t know] How to be a grown person

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  1. Cae says:

    I love this! Whatever the template is, I’d like to believe Being an adult should mean being able to consciously choose. May it be excessively baking cookies to make me believe like I’m doing great while en route to being the next Martha Stewart.

    • Anna says:

      Oh my gosh exactly!! And how do you know I am working on my evil plan to being the next Martha Stewart?! Haha Thank you so much for your comment and I’m really happy you can relate:)


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