Nostalgia Monday Mixtape

Nostalgia Mixtape

I was going to title this post The Anna Mixtape, but concerned with it being too narcissistic I went with the most modest choice. (I guess that didn’t stop my ego from naming the actual mixtape after myself. Technicalities.)

As the world slows down I find myself slowing down with it. When was the last time I sat down to just do some mediocre drawing or listen to songs? Just me and my thoughts, without the company of my phone or the urge to share it on social media? These solitary activities can be great for the soul. I highly recommend spending time with yourself, listening to words hidden in old classic tunes. They have a lot to teach us.

These are very special songs to me. I save them for times when I need solace, answers, comfort, or just to indulge in some good old nostalgia. I hope they inspire you, too. The week is just getting started, we need all the inspiration we can get.

Nostalgia Monday Mixtape

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  1. Tami says:

    What a great selection!


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