5 Great Podcasts Hosted By Women For Women

As a person who lives her life going through phases like the moon, I go through periods where I enjoy the silence and others when I compulsively listen to podcasts, to the point that they just invade my mind and take over my thoughts as I run errands, do mind numbing tasks or even therapeutic ones like baking or going for a walk.

As much as I endorse podcasts and admire the cultural value they bring into one’s life, I feel obliged to say that too much of anything is bad for you. Creativity blooms in silence; boredom can be a gift in an overly distracting world. And you can’t write your next novel if you keep on spending 70% of your day glued to your phone or finding ways to entertain yourself. (I have an incredible talent for going on tangents).

Okay girl, *focus* back to the issue at hand. The reason some podcasts are so relevant to me is their ability to create a sense of community. They do an incredible job of sparking interesting discussions as they force you to challenge your own point of view on things while approaching some very thought provoking topics. I love listening to women podcasts made for women. It feels like I’m part of the conversation and it’s like I’m amongst friends. It also feels specially delightful to know that someone from across the world, probably living an enviable lifestyle somewhere in sunny Australia has the same interests as you. More often than not, subjects typically considered female are not seen as worthy of attention or frivolous, but these women prove that there’s enough politics about makeup, enough psychology about celebrities and enough anthropology about relationships to make any topic worthy of discussion. Here are 5 great podcasts hosted by women (and for women):


Shameless Podcast

“the podcast for smart people who love dumb stuff”

I’ve just learned about Shameless and immediately fell in love with it, so I’ve already gone on a binge and listened to most of the episodes. Hosted by two Australian journalists, it’s fun and upbeat, but also quite deep. They explore topics all over pop culture and social media, but they are political, opinionated and smart. They take seemingly frivolous topics and turn them into such interesting discussions. It’s really refreshing to hear their thought out journalistic input on pop culture and its over-the-top characters.

After Work Drinks

Following the same premise as Shameless, AWD is about two young journalists exploring the world of pop culture and news. They’re much more mellow, but I really enjoy hearing their take on current issues. It’s like talking to your girlfriends.

Pop Fiction Women

I love this one. Two very bright, smart lawyers turned writers – who are also mothers – discuss female characters in books, movies and tv shows. They purposely pick complicated women and dissect their lives and choices, and what make them so interesting and complex. It’s a fascinating look at writing and the art of coming up with characters and storylines.

Heart to Heart: The Lived Experiences of Two Young Black Women

I’ve just come across this brand new podcast by two college students navigating life and their experiences as black women. They are smart, fun and approach difficult topics in a very lighthearted way. Their conversations about personal experiences help us understand and see things they way they do, in a very individual level. I just love hearing smart women talk to each other basically.

Call Your Girlfriend

Everyone’s heard about this one, but since we’re talking about smart women having interesting conversations it just felt appropriate to include it here. Two long distance friends call each other every week to discuss pop culture and politics. They are super opinionated and tackle issues from Taylor Swift to mental health.

What podcasts have you been listening to lately? Let us know in the comments!

5 Great Podcasts Hosted By Women For Women

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