A Tiny Pink Cake, Cause Why Not.

Is there anything more adorable and happy than mini things? Like a tiny pink cake? Anything mini is so much better than average sized things. Average is so boring, and average.

In case you don’t know, I have an instagram account where I live my best life – Martha Stewart style. A place where all my baking ambitions thrive, where I get to be Nigella – but actually more like Christina Tosi (too many sprinkles). It’s a happy place. I love baking and have since I was a little girl. Since my father helped me bake a Mother’s day cake but refused to follow any sort of recipe and the result was utter chaos. There have been countless birthday cakes ever since. From an early age I’ve adopted the mentality that any occasion is worth celebrating and therefore an excuse to have cake.

Of course now that we have access to so much information it sucks because I no longer can trick people into eating an exorbitant amount of sugar without an equivalent amount of guilt. But not to worry, I make a lot of salads, too. You know, to balance things out. This week my little account reached 500 followers and in the land of Instagram that’s no easy feat – at least in my case. It’s okay though, have you seen the movies? The underdog always win! It’s just a matter of time, because if you’ve read the books you know slow and steady wins the race. Of course being a millennial that goes against everything I’ve grown up believing in, but that’s just another challenge to overcome. And it’s a fun challenge.

So to celebrate I made cake. A tiny cake. It’s adorable and pink. It’s lemon and salted caramel. And it made me happy. So I’m here to share some of that happiness and to let you know about my baking adventures happening over there and ask you to check out my account! @fromasmallkitchen. And let’s eat cake.

A Tiny Pink Cake, Cause Why Not.

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