Some Fun Things

FrOm AroUnD tHe Webzzzz

I’m sharing some fun links I’ve recently come across. I love how the internet is a bottomless well of inspiration and random things.

People! There’s something out there called Window Swap, a website where you can see the view through someone else’s window around the world, from Germany to India to Austria and it’s so cool! It’s a bit like being a fly on the wall. It’s hard to explain, but after spending a few minutes going through some random windows it felt like an unusually intimate experience…all I can see is a window view from a complete stranger, but it’s like you’re there with them. Just check it out. I’m horrible at explaining this.

Photographers reveal the fascinating stories behind their favourite work

A fascinating series from The Guardian.

Ard Gelinck photoshops celebrities with their younger selves on his instagram page. It’s incredible and bizarre and… moving in a way? Everyone’s been an innocent kid once and it makes you think of how things change and evolve and life goes on. And everyone gets old.

Some Fun Things

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