Let’s get to know each other: Foods you don’t like


Sometimes in life knowing exactly what you DON’T want/like helps you figure out what you DO want/like. It’s a life hack, write it down.

For example, that’s an excellent method to help you make decisions when it comes to food. If I’m at a coffee shop and presented with a couple options for snacks, I’d be inclined to go for a cake or a scone or whatever, but then the decision would be made vastly easier after realising there are raisins in the carrot cake. I hate raisins and don’t understand how one would ruin a perfectly fine carrot cake with the little things. The thought of doing so is beyond me.

And there it is! Knowing that I hate raisins helped me make the most out of the situation and realise I am much better off with the plain biscuit. I have applied the same process when figuring out other aspects of my life, although I do not recommend the method when it comes to your romantic life. Love is too complicated for that.

But when it’s about food, it works perfectly. I’m very proud to say I’m not a picky eater, I’ll most likely try anything at least once. But there are a handful of things I really can’t stand. So it’s just easier to make a list of things I don’t like rather than a list of things I do like. Once my sister and I played this little game while hiking up Sofa Mountain in Alberta: by the time we had made it to the top we were starving, so we spent all the way down listing things we would order from room service have we had unlimited budget and could order anything in the world! (the perfect dream!)

That’s when I learned there’s no limit to the variety of good food that exists out there and I’ll be happy to try them all. In that case, knowing what I don’t like barely helps, because after much consideration, this is the list I’ve come up with:





And until further notice, that’s about it!



For the record, I would like to say cilantro does not taste like soap. I’m delighted I’m not genetically programmed to dislike cilantro. Imagine all the amazing Mexican food I’d be missing out on?? That would be devastating.

I would love to know about foods you don’t like! (and maybe update my own list)

Let’s get to know each other: Foods you don’t like

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