A Playlist To Daydream To

Let’s pretend this is the early 90’s and we’re making memories driving down an old dirt old, making mixtapes as gifts. We’re daydreaming of far away places, missing people we’ve never met, places we’ve never been. Life is still complicated but things are somehow so much simpler, we’re just singing along to some old tunes. There’s only us and the empty road.

I’ve put together a new playlist to daydream to. 10 songs that will make you want to dance a little, think about your dream life a little. These songs bring back some of my favourite memories, some lost memories like the sound of Christmas 2014, baking cookies and watching the snow fall down listening to Sarah McLachlan singing Time nonstop. Violin by Amos Lee healing my broken heart in 2015. Dancing to Chateau last year, excited and giggly about things to come. Walking the streets of Berlin, Keep on Loving You playing in my ears, earlier this year, forever ago. Making plans and forgetting about them.

Dreaming of a once in a lifetime kind of love listening to the sweet, delicate melodies of Sufjan Stevens and Damien Rice. Finding new songs feels so exciting and special. So this is my gift to you this Monday: a mixtape to be the soundtrack of your lonely days, your best days, your daydream days.

Let’s manifest an amazing life, y’all!

Monday Mixtape Vol.2 – A Playlist To Daydream To

What do you think of this playlist? Let me know in the comments!

A Playlist To Daydream To

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