Summer in Europe. A beautiful old building.

A Summer Gratitude List

Summer Gratitude List. A beautiful old European building.

Taylor Swift has warned us and it’s been a really cruel summer (well, not summer, year). The days are going by so slow, but somehow so fast, we’re already in August!! How did that happen? This year has been just a blur, where at the same time so much has happened, and between a world pandemic, a heatwave and Tiger King, there’s so much my poor mind can take.

I believe we’ve all experienced the same feelings this year together and in a much more intense scale than normal. It’s hard to keep up with my own moods, for instance. Some mornings I wake up positive and ready to tackle the day. But sometimes I feel too frustrated and tired to do anything at all, so I just indulge in my misery (fun!). Then I remind myself that I’m very blessed: I’m healthy, so is my family. I’m safe and life is comfortable. But it’s not just about the big things.

Tony Robbins says that being grateful is an extremely important factor in achieving your dreams. By acknowledging grace and the good things in your life you realise you actually have a lot to be grateful for. Things that make your life so much better and that you never had to work for to make it happen. Like a great book that inspires you – that someone else wrote, or your favourite movie – that other people wrote, produced, directed and acted in, or the internet, or your phone. These things seem to magically exist and they make our lives so much easier and inspired, and yet, we didn’t have anything to do with making them happen.

So thinking about things I love and that inspire me, here are 4 small ones I’ve been very grateful for lately:

Great novels that spark my imagination and takes me away to a new world make me really happy. Escapism is always a good things when reality is too much to bear (lol). I’ve recently finished Writers & Lovers and it’s such a lovely book. The story takes place in Boston, a place I know quite well, so it feels even more special.

I love Garance Dore’s writing, she’s so witty and smart. Her newsletter is a pleasure to read, but unfortunately it seems she has stopped sending them out and is working on a new, paid platform now. But you can read her archives here!

Taylor Swift’s Folklore is an absolute work of art. I can’t stop listening. Some of my favourites are:




The Last Great American Dynasty

Invisible String



Geez, that’s pretty much the whole album, isn’t it??

Homemade Raspberry Sorbet

It’s been too hot to muster up any energy to do anything, except maybe some refreshing desserts, like this incredible Raspberry Sorbet. If you need me I’ll be out in the garden, having an obscene amount of ice cream, listening to Folklore, reading a book.

And for that, I am grateful.

A Summer Gratitude List

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