Adventures Close to Home

Adventures Close To Home-picnic at the beach

We’re living in uncertain times, but it still begs the question, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

The answer might be go outside, as in go explore your own backyard. Some adventures close to home.

I’ve been finding it really hard to make plans lately. It often feels like I’m at the mercy of circumstances, where big decisions depend on a variety of factors, none of which I have any control over. But, I’m not a victim of circumstances. I am the captain of my soul, master of my fate, so instead of freaking out, I wait. I get overwhelmed, so I ignore the world around me. I procrastinate, I procrastibake, I make to-do lists, I pretend everything is fine, I have a glass (or two) of wine, I whine, and the days go by. I no longer read the news, some days I consciously decide to live in my bubble, but the future looks bright, so I look ahead.

What I mean to tell you by all this is that despite everything that’s happening around us and the uncertainty of it all, we still can have some sense of fun. Summer won’t mean going on endless rides at Canada’s Wonderland, and eat funnel cake standing extremely close to a bunch of strangers. It might not even mean picnics at the beach, and definitely not going to comedy shows, but watching the sunset over the pond is pretty magical. Going for intentional walks is also a very stimulating experience. Doing photoshoots in your backyard can be surprisingly fun. I think it’s a good time to walk around taking polaroids and making memories. In a year from now we can hopefully look back at everything we created during these challenging times and feel some sense of pride in it. It’s also a good time to just daydream. Dare to imagine having your dream house, your dream job and find ways to make that happen. As crazy as it sounds, I still believe the possibilities are endless. We’re just taking a little break.

Although I just have to say, whatever you do, don’t decide to watch A Star Is Born on your own on a Thursday night. There’s only so much a human heart can take.

Adventures Close to Home

Adventures Close to Home

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