Easy Way To Decorate A Simple Cake - Strawberry Chocolate

An Easy Way To Decorate A Simple Cake

This post is borderline unnecessary because what I’m about to say is neither revolutionary or mind blowing. It’s probably the most obvious way to decorate a cake, but you never know! Perhaps someone out there needs a little help in the cake decorating department. Besides, in my defence, the internet is full of redundancy so I’m just adding to the pile. Screaming into the void!

Actually no, this is a very useful piece of information and I’m gonna call it Cake Decorating 101. And I’m not even gonna charge you for it. So there you go, I’m saving lives here. *funny how quickly things can turn around, isn’t it*

Okay class, so here’s my little tip on elevating a simple cake. Sometimes you bake a regular old cake without much expectation, but there’s no reason not to make things in life pretty whenever you feel like it. I’ve been living by the motto I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life, because not only do I like the sound of it, I’ve been bullied and brainwashed into the mindset by social media. And it works! If you consciously make everything around you beautiful, life is much more pleasant – unless you have a crush on someone you can’t have, in that case life is hell. Good luck with that.

Damn. I keep losing my train of thought. Let’s get down to business. When you make a simple cake, an easy and beautiful way to make it stand out is by adding berries to the top of your cake. Remove the cake from the pan and arrange the berries on top. No cutting them in half, no extra work. But if you are feeling extra, finish it off with a sift of powdered sugar and bam. A boring cake is now a lovely cake. I say this because Exhibit A:

Easy Way To Decorate A Simple Cake - Raspberry Chocolate

Let’s deconstruct this cake presentation: a simple cake + chocolate ganache + raspberries + powdered sugar. And how gorgeous!

Raspberries are perfect for this but if you’re like me and only have fresh strawberries, they’ll also work out great.

Exhibit B:


Organic strawberries are smaller and taste sweeter than the ones we usually see at groceries stores, so they work even better. Just by adding a pop of color makes a huge difference, and no skills necessary!

So there you go my friends. Bake a cake and make life beautiful. And always have berries on hand.

An Easy Way To Decorate A Simple Cake

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