5 Fun Things to Do Now

Okay, guys, we’re still in a pandemic that doesn’t seem to end, and when I’m not too busy feeling frustrated, I’m in an excellent mood! Ready to kick some ass and be insanely productive. Too bad it’s a vicious circle and before I know it I’m back to being anxious and annoyed. FUN! But it is what it is, so here are a 5 fun things to do now so life can feel a little normal…

1. Start Taco Fridays. You can have Taco Tuesday AND Taco Friday, but the best thing about Taco Friday is turning it into a feast: make a bunch of toppings and side dishes, use fresh and local ingredients and try different versions. Trust me, this is a lot of fun!

5 Fun Things to Do Now - Taco Night

2. Listen to An Oral History of The Office. If you’re a fan of the show you’re obviously gonna love it, but if you’re just interested in hearing about how a tv show is made, all the hurdles producers have to go through and every little detail that goes into putting a show together and making it successful, you’ll find this podcast fascinating. Besides it’s so nostalgic and full of funny stories from the crew and cast.

5 Fun Things to Do Now - The Office Podcast

3. Watch Late Night. If you’re a fan of Mindy Kalling’s work then you’re gonna love this comedy. An acclaimed late-night show host is forced to hire a female writer because of her decline in popularity. Soon, things go haywire when her personal emails are leaked. Mindy Kalling plays the smart, super honest and innocent writer that no one takes seriously, and she’s so delightful, it’s gonna warm your heart.

5 Fun Things to Do Now - Late Night movie

4. Celebrate small victories. Like, I cut my own hair during quarantine. yay! Is it crooked and even? Absolutely! But who actually cares at this point…

5 Fun Things to Do Now

5. Go for a walk. Walking is always a good idea. Whenever I’m feeling a bit lost or confused I go for a walk! It’s great to clear your mind.

5 Fun Things to Do Now - go for a walk

Hang in there!,

5 Fun Things to Do Now

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