Trust, Hustle, And Rest

Trust, Hustle, And Rest

We live in an age where anyone can start a business, a side hustle or a multi-dollar million company out of thin air. We are bombarded with information 24/7, and we are constantly aware that someone, somewhere is building a very successful business at this very moment. We all want multiple sources of income and passive money, so we read a bunch of self-help books and enrol in countless online courses in the hopes that one of them will be key that will unlock all our hidden potential.

Hustle culture can be cruel and we’re now getting to see its side effects. It turns out, getting enough sleep is actually extremely important for your health – and in consequence, the health of your business. I mean, who’ve thought?! Certainly not Elon Musk. Being nice to yourself and the people who work for you in your quest to innovation and perfection is also fundamental to everyone’s mental health. Steve Jobs??

When I think about it, I think we’re all doing things backwards. We’re so desperate to stand out, we all end up looking exactly the same, doing whatever the viral thing of the moment is. It all gets pretty overwhelming quickly…trying to fit into this new reality, trying to play by the book, but putting so much pressure on ourselves to be more, do more, impress more. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being ambitious, but knowing that there’s so much we can control in life is essential in finding some sort of inner peace.

Hustling is extremely important when following our dreams, but it is also critical to manage the tension between trusting and hustling well. Trusting and resting are crucial parts of the process.

Hustling hard will get you far, but only so far, because we all need a little grace. A huge part of success is recognising that we are not the only ones responsible for producing results through our work, there’s a very important pinch of luck, grace, the universe, God, whatever you call it involved. Hustling on its own brings a lot of anxiety and the false notion that we can control everything, but newsflash: we don’t have that kind of power. Gabrielle Bernstein says those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety. So live your life and chase your dreams knowing that you have to work hard, but also do a lot of trusting. Rest and trust knowing that whatever you’re working for will happen at the right time, and it’s not all up to you. Trust in the process, have faith and don’t ever let fear get in your way. As Jim Carrey once said, “you will only have two choices: love or fear. Choose love, and don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart”.

So trust, hustle, and rest. And repeat. You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it. If all you do is hustle you’ll be too busy to notice all the beautiful madness inside you. And remember, the mad ones are the ones who make a difference, and those magical beings are always confident of the outcome. They never have reason to doubt or not to trust the process. And they never turn away from their playful heart.

Now go do some magic.

Trust, Hustle, And Rest

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