A Very Funny Instagram Account

Hint: you are not being very original…oops.

A Very Funny Instagram Account

Okay, it doesn’t take a genius to realise instagram can be a very bizarre place. It’s a strange world, where everyone is successful, good looking, goes on extravagant vacations and are never ever sad!! Weird? Maybe. But it doesn’t end there.

What’s really bizarre about this whole alternative universe is how everyone is suddenly starting to look and act very much the same. Everyone wears the same clothes, the same shoes, the same brands. Feeds are getting so eerily similar I honestly can’t tell accounts apart anymore. Do I enjoy looking at a creamy-beige-neutral-perfectly curated feed? Yes, they are absolutely lovely, but there are literally HUNDREDS of them so forgive me for not really being impressed by them anymore. One random picture going viral means thousands of people rushing to recreate the same pose, the same colours, the same vibe. 

I personally like diversity. I like seeing people trying different things, being a bit quirky and doing their own thing. I know being original is extremely hard nowadays, when it feels like everything has already been done, but you can still do your own thing in a way. So when I came across this new instagram account I couldn’t tell if I found it hilarious or depressing…

I think it’s a little bit of both?

@shitbloggerspost spots influencer photo trends and rounds them up in carousel posts. From strawberry toasts to perfume shots to yellow sweaters, everyone is doing the same thing.

Some posts are particularly fascinating because if they didn’t tag each individual account it would be almost impossible to tell the photos apart:

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specifically this chair.

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The best thing about this great account though, is their fantastic sense of humour and hilarious captions. They crack me up.

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constipation chic

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So I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some extraordinary shit bloggers post! These girls are all gorgeous and have perfect looking feeds, but we are all lacking a bit of originality – myself included. It’s hard being a human in 2020.

We’re all doing our best.

A Very Funny Instagram Account

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