Long Time No See

HellooOoO. Anyone out there? It’s been a while. Long time no see.

Long Time No See

hey dear readers [ reader? ], how are you? How have you been? I mean, 2020 amirite?? What a year…

I’ve always been a planner. I like having the illusion that I have things under control, it puts my anxious mind at ease. But this year has turned my plans upside down. These days I’m much more like Phoebe Buffay:

I’ve been a lockdown cliche: I’ve made copious amounts of banana bread, I’ve exercised, kept a daily scheduled, I’ve meditated, journaled, read dozens of books. I got excited about the idea of having enough time to nurture a bunch of my hobbies and passions.

I got bored, annoyed, frustrated. I stopped exercising, the banana breads ceased to exist, I haven’t meditated in weeks and I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything in a journal.

The quarantine project, whatever that meant, became a failure. The days are long, but how is it already September?? I’m so confused. I haven’t posted in a while because life got busy and I have the same sleep needs as a teenager – which makes my life way harder than it should be. So before I go back to posting cookies and movies again – you know, the usual premium content – I just wanted to stop by and give you a little update. If you’re feeling a bit lost or confused I just wanted to remind you that

Long Time No See

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