A Marvellously Curated Holiday Gift Guide

Behold my Holiday Gift Guide. Time to celebrate capitalism and our collapsing economy!!

I made this little gift guide based on my very own wants and needs. These are all things I selfishly want for myself. Mind you, I have excellent taste, therefore my suggestions should be highly regarded.

It’s a marvellous curated holiday gift guide though, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy this little celebration of materialism! In a year where seeing your family for Christmas might be out of the question, we all need a little something something extra to make us feel special.

Holiday Gift Guide

Essential Pearl Earrings, $175, because they are well..essential.

Holiday Gift Guide

Sezane’s Gaspard Jumper, $120, because everyone needs a timeless and gorgeous sweater that makes you look like you actually have your shit together.

Festive holiday candles, $68, that smell like Christmas that also moonlight as Christmas decor.

Holiday Gift Guide

The cutest heart socks, $36, because they’re super fancy and sustainable: made with 80% recycled cashmere AND made in Portugal at a family-run factory that operates entirely on renewable energy.

Flower-pressed shortbread cookies, $48 1 dozen. Brilliant!

Holiday Gift Guide

A wonderful book, $26, that you can read over and over again.

Holiday Gift Guide

Bridge puzzle, $35, for fun game nights.

The cult following Always Pan, $95, because it’s gorgeous and does it all.

Twist Ring, $80. So delicate and prettyyyy.

A milk frother, $36, because priorities.

Vintage inspired sunglasses, $179. Gorgeous!!

Ivy Underwired Body, $‌135.

Monday Crew Neck, €110. It’s gonna be a cozy Christmas.

La Roche-Posay sunscreen, $29.99, aka the best sunscreen ever.

And that’s a wrap!!

For now;)

A Marvellously Curated Holiday Gift Guide

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