you’re a songwriter. now go write songs

you know how the internet is full of how-to articles, people love telling other people what to do.  

10 things you must do when you travel!

movies you must watch!!

you have to buy these products!!

you absolutely need this in your life!!!!

You don’t need anybody to give you permission to do anything. You specially don’t need a random person on the internet telling  you what you should or should not do – including yours truly. I truly don’t know anything – about your life.

The essence of being human is not about seeking perfection, but it’s about being willing to get out there and find the one thing that sets your soul on fire. Sally Rooney wrote a whole bestseller before anybody ever called her a writer. Shawn Mendes sells out stadiums now, but at 16 he told his dad he wanted to be a songwriter. You want to be a songwriter?, he asked. Well, go write a song.

You don’t need to read another article on how to make your dreams come true.

The answer is that simple, folks. The answer is that complicated.

You’re a songwriter. Now go write a song. 

you’re a songwriter. now go write songs

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