4 too-cute-to-resist finds at Zara online

What does a young woman who’s sticking to a budget do on a gloriously ordinary weekday evening? Obviously the most reasonable of solo activities: online window shopping! Just a very innocent browsing! Is it???

I usually pride myself on being able to maintain a rather minimalist lifestyle, but sometimes my all-or-nothing nature will get the best of me and then it’s all downhill from there. On a spur of the moment situation earlier this week, I decided to put my self-control to the test and I’m sad to report my self-control has failed miserably and I ended up finding 100000 things I simply had to have at Zara online. Too many tabs were opened and it was a beautiful mayhem until I saw the total price and the excitement quickly turned into the five stages of grief when I realised there was no way I could spend all that money at once.

Oh well, so here we are. After a lot of pondering and going back and forth I have finally settled on 4 beautiful pieces that happen to also be a bargain. Let’s go through them together:

A nice pair of white heeled slingback shoes

Don’t we all need a pair of fancy white heels these days? I’m so please these are on trend. They are so beautiful and elegant in an effortless way. I love the block heels because they’re comfortable to walk in and the pointed toes make them look so sophisticated. They can make a simple outfit look more polished and chic. A winnerrrr.

Midi dress with pockets

For some reason I’m really drawn to shapeless dresses and this one looks so cozy. First, it has pockets, so extra points for that, but also I love the colour. I think it’s cute to wear both in winter and fall, and hey I could even try pairing it with the white shoes? Maybe?

A simple white t-shirt

The most important thing about a simple white t-shirt is the fitting, and that can be a hit or miss. Cotton is always better, but also more expensive. This one is mostly viscose, but I really like the round neckline and it seems to have a nice fit. I mostly need one to layer under dresses so this one should be good enough.

Striped Strappy Dress

This one will be perfect for summer. I tried on a very similar one at H&M but this one has pockets! And I like the wide straps too.

Which one is your favourite?

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