9 beautiful bedside tables

My nightstand is an essential feature in my bedroom. Right now I have a growing stack of books, a water bottle, an indispensable lamp, and too many beauty products on it. It goes from crazy messy to beautifully organised on a daily basis – I clean it up just so I can mess it up all over again, you know the drill.

Although I’m not yet planning a room makeover, I love finding new pieces for inspiration – or just daydreaming about – so I’ve selected some of my favourite new finds to share with you. They can be quite pricey, but it’s a longterm investment. Besides there’s nothing like making your room feel cozy and perfect for you, isn’t it.


I mean these aesthetics goals, but they’re also the most expensive ones. I love the designs and colour palettes though, it’s all so dreamy and calm. Oh and they’re on sale! Yay.

Odetta Bedside Table

Carved-Patchwork Bedside Table

Isoke Storage Bedside Table

Urban Outfitters

Thank God for Urban Outfitters because these are considerably cheaper. Perhaps not as sophisticated, but they have that boho chic vibe we all adore, so voila. They’re perfect and fun in their own way.

Lola Vinyl Storage Console

Kira Nightstand

Metal Folding Side Table


The best thing about these is that they’re truly a vintage find, coming straight from the 60s. That fact alone makes them so interesting and unique. Not only are they special, and full of history but getting vintage items is a great way to help the environment in a small way. A win win situation all around.

Thoughts? Which one is your favourite?

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