Stephen King’s On Writing


One of my goals for the year is to read more books. I’ve always been an avid reader, but my progress has slowly decreased over the years. I had an ever growing pile of books in my bedroom that I could never keep up with, until I moved to Germany and decided to sell most of it – a dumb decision I still don’t understand, I mean I miss those books! The good thing is I still have a lot left and I persist on buying new ones, even if it means they’ll just sit on a shelf for months until I decide I’m ready to read them. It’s funny but I go through phases: sometimes I devour books, sometimes I can’t seem to get past the first page.

Last month I read On Writing, by Stephen King, a book I’d been wanting to read for years. Read More

Reading Mindy Kaling


Mindy and I are super best friends now; it’s more of a one-sided relationship, I mean, she does most of the talking while I basically just listen and laugh for the most part. Although I do talk back sometimes, but then she never listens. You know actors, they make everything about themselves.

Ha! As silly as that sounds, sometimes I feel that way because after listening to both her audiobooks, narrated by her, I found Mindy Kaling so relatable! Her books are mainly stories about herself growing up, then becoming a successful writer and also a little glimpse into her mind and thoughts. And it’s funny when you meet someone who can waste hours having wildly unimportant imaginary conversations in their head, feel insecure and embarrass themselves the same way you think you do. Sometimes it really seems like she gets carried away by this whole romantic comedy scenarios in life, as if she’s living in a Nora Ephron world, which I found hilarious and sweet. I think that’s why her imagination and creativity are such powerful features of her personality. She’s also smart, cheeky and funny.

By the way, back in 2011 she wrote this piece about the different women we see in movies for the New Yorker and it’s so on point! A great, great funny read, yet again.

Five things that describe yourself

I was spending a lot of time at the library back in Massachusetts and there were days when I got around to reading entire books in one sitting. They all happened to be Nora Ephron books for some reason – probably due to the fact that they are relatively short and an easy read. Ephron is lighthearted, self deprecating and insightful. I enjoyed her real and yet funny personal analyses on life, womanhood and growing old in an ever changing world. I hope I can go trough life wide eyed and self aware the way she lived hers.

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And I also came across this quote from her:

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Cheap books and crisp afternoons at the library


At the risk of sounding like a true nerd, I’ll admit it – I enjoy spending afternoons at the library! Being surrounded by the scent of old books feels like fresh air to me and I can be surprisingly productive about my reading habit.

Yesterday I scored a copy of The Help for $0.50 that’s still in great shape and I walked away quite pleased with my purchase. Tonight I might be leaving with Where the heart is  in my bag. I’ve seen both movies and the books sound incredibly promising.

Another thing about my local library: I see small kids running around everywhere and elderly citizens reading quietly at every corner – a real, lovely community. Crisp fall afternoons that feel rather cozy.