Savory Oatmeal


My lovely, nagging mother has been reminding me all my life how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Following in her footsteps, I’m now a breakfast devotee and guilty of sometimes spending far too much time looking for new recipes to try. Well truth is, I usually stick to the old combo of scrambled eggs and toast, but every once in a while I dare to be a little bit more adventurous…

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I made Jamie Oliver’s Potato Dauphinoise

And it turned out really good.


First things first, I gotta warn ya: my actual pictures of the dish look terrible. It was late, the lighting was bad and I was hungry. They’re the kind of pictures that will leave you asking yourself, why would I make such an unattractive, unappetizing dish? The answer is, think of Jamie’s original dish and the delightful picture above. I swear to you, if you like potatoes, if you like cheese and cream, you’ll love this. It comes out delicious and it’s so easy and quick to make. People will be very impressed by your culinary skills.

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you never forget your first German meal

The very first time I visited Germany a few years ago, my friends and I found a huge biergarten in Munich and sat down to have some authentic German beer. The place was vibrant, loud, surrounded by trees and crowded with enthusiastic people. It was a sunny afternoon and we couldn’t be more excited.

We took a look at the menu and obviously could hardly pronounce any of those immense words, but we sure took our time and had fun attempting to do so. That’s when we decided to do what any reasonable person would in a similar situation: just randomly pick out items off the menu and do an awful job of reading them out to a very impatient server!

We called that “being open to possibilities” and had no idea what was coming our way. Then this beauty came along:


I don’t know why we were so surprised. This was Germany after all! We shouldn’t have expected anything other than a plate full of sausage topped with onions. A bit questionable, yet quite memorable first German meal.

The beer was good though.

I made turmeric chia pudding for breakfast

And it did not taste good.


I’ve been reading and hearing everywhere about the miracles of turmeric, how it can drastically improve your health and how you should try and incorporate it in your daily food intake immediately! 

So it’s no surprise that I suddenly saw myself adding a pinch of this yellowy beauty into every dish I prepared: it works well with scrambled eggs in the morning, or scrambled tofu. You can basically add it to anything and it’ll go unnoticed. Or so I thought.

I decided I would be adventures with my taste and cooking, which resulted in a turmeric chia pudding that turned out to be overwhelmingly turmeric-y. I’m not blaming the innocent spice here; I’m blaming my own stubbornness about taking measures into consideration by going ahead and eyeballing the entire recipe – that basically involves about three essential ingredients. The important moral of the story is that in life and in cooking, it’s advisable to maintain balance and a certain amount of structure.

This whole particular saga started with my love for chia pudding and my contentment in eating foods that make me feel healthy and empowered. So I often have it in the fridge to satisfy my cravings. If I could,I’d have a chocolate bar every day but I hear that’s not a very smart habit to keep so this healthier version satisfies my stomach just fine.

I was watching the wonderful Nigella on youtube the other day, and that was such a treat in itself, because it brings me back all the afternoons I spent watching her show with my mom, and it’s such a warm, cozy feeling I can’t even explain. And then she said something that reminded me why I love her so much and how sometimes we need to forget a little bit about our obsession with the super healthy and the super perfect and just live for the moment; just eat whatever makes us happy – because life is too damn short!

To satisfy her middle of the night craving, Nigella shows up in her fabulous silky night robe in her fabulous kitchen and proclaims, I’m always ready to eat! She proceeds to start showing us how to make what she calls emergency brownies. They are done in a few minutes and soon we’re watching them coming out of the oven, as perfect as they should be. This probably goes against what every diet and every doctor out there would recommend you have in the middle of the night, but isn’t a warm, gooey brownie the best end to a stressful day?

Besides, I was amazed to see Nigella looking prettier and in shape more than ever! And doesn’t she age? At all? Maybe her secret is alternating healthy spices with sugary pastries into her daily diet. I shall do the same. There’s only a few things that make me as happy as delicious food.