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Does the world need yet another morning routine article? Well, maybe we’re not quite done with those yet. In a pre-pandemic world I was obsessed with crafting the perfect morning routine. And by capitalism standards that basically meant finding the one routine that would guarantee I had the most productive day ahead. Extensive research taught […]


  There’s a new trend going around claiming that 5am is the optimal time to wake up. Although I’ve been defending the theory that there is no universal “best time” to wake up for years, my mom – beating everyone to the punch – has been getting up before dawn for as long as I […]

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    I have a little tip for you today: if you’re ever feeling down, lost or confused, listening to an empowering motivational speech can actually have a very positive effect of your psyche. Listening to such strong words of encouragement said in an extremely compelling way will most likely make you feel like you […]


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