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I watched Good Will Hunting last night and now I simply can’t stop thinking about it. It’s a minor obsession that will eventually fade away ( I suffer from those from time to time. They’re quite random. Oh and they also add unnecessary melancholy and drama into my life, a marvellous hobby to cultivate by […]


I hopped on the Girls bandwagon waayy too late in the game and was quite oblivious to all the hype and mishaps of the show, but then I started watching it and was instantly hooked. All those millennial struggles initially felt so relatable, and that scene when Hannah and Marnie are dancing to Robyn’s Dancing […]

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Have you ever listened to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast? It’s full of wisdom and interesting discussions, and aha!  moments. It works like therapy, seriously, specially if I have it on when I go for a walk. I feel inspired, empowered and calm after listening. It’s great for the mind and spirit, and I constantly find […]


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