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It’s funny to see how often and fast fashion comes and goes. Look at Andie Walsh, an ‘80s fashion trailblazer: confident and insecure; confused, intense, angry and frustrated like a proper teenager. A thrifting master, her styling and sewing skills are present in every outfit she puts together. Her style is a perfect representation of […]


Some things in life can be easily fixed, like a classic white tee and jeans combo for when you’re having a “I have nothing to wear” kind of day. This entire outfit is Zara, and the t-shirt is so soft, the jeans so comfy, I could live in them. I once read that Chip Bergh, […]

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I’m a person of extremes. I can go from a minimalist mindset to being a proud capitalist faster than my own brain can keep up. Having said that, even in my most outrageous shopping sprees I still tend to be a conservative underbuyer, and I carefully select everything I purchase, rarely suffering from buyers remorse. […]


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