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Lately, more than ever, I’ve been making an extra effort to be environmentally conscious and have a mindset of intention. I’ve made a priority to reduce my use of plastic and since I’ve made that decision I’ve been *slightly* obsessed with tote bags: see them everywhere, want to buy them all. But I’m not talking […]


I guess not too long ago most people were able to live blissfuly unaware of things that existed outside their local marketplace, but this is the Information Age and ignorance is a luxury we can no longer afford. Now things like phone apps that bring you food to your doorsteps within minutes have turned us […]

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If you’ve watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you remember how the dad insists that anything in life can be cured with windex – Put some windex on it!  For what seemed to be a very long time, I was trying – and failing miserably – to deal with my dull and lifeless fingernails. Suddenly […]


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