Desserts that are almost too pretty to eat

Here’s one of my favourite things about globalisation and diversity: the fact that I have the option to eat traditional French pastry, made daily by a Korean chef in a remote location in a big city in Canada.

That’s priviledge, and that’s a beautiful fusion of flavours and cultures. A perfect intersection for two dessert aficcionados: one, a professionally trained pastry chef, the other (me) just an amateur chef and huge fan of desserts. My friend and I stalked this cute little spot in Toronto for a while, and we finally had the chance to visit last week. Our review? Well, we were more impressed by their looks than by their taste, but that might have something to do with the fact that not too long ago we had unbelievably amazing desserts in Paris, so the expectations were flying high.

I must say the pastries are visually stunning and the place was clearly done having millennials instagrammers in mind, so everything is delicate and pink.

I complained about the prices, but my friend quickly reminded me that those perfect little creations take a lot of work and long hours to make, so yeah of course they aren’t cheap. This got me thinking that yes, maybe I would be happier having a big portion of peach cobbler topped with creme fraiche, or some salted caramel brownie, but these expensive little treats are exactly that: special, luxurious treats meant to be had very occasionally. That also makes it easier to justify the price.

As the dessert enthusiast I am, what these lacked in texture they made up for in details and I can’t stop looking at them. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to construct something like that with your own hands? I have a lot of French baking techniques to master before turning the experience into a Nailed It episode, but the experience sparked a desire to someday be able to make something like that myself. I mean, who knows?

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