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They don’t understand queuing. Buying groceries can turn into a highly stressful experience: cashiers scan the items much faster than any human could possibly bag them so you have to move fast, and there’s never enough time or disposition for friendly chit chat (after all, that’s not very effective). They love rules and take little […]


What is romance? Growing up I used to think romance was exactly what I saw in the movies: clumsy, successful, beautiful (but she doesn’t know it) girl meets man of her dreams. They fall in love, life gets in the way, everything falls apart but inevitably they find a way back to each other, and […]

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I watched Good Will Hunting last night and now I simply can’t stop thinking about it. It’s a minor obsession that will eventually fade away ( I suffer from those from time to time. They’re quite random. Oh and they also add unnecessary melancholy and drama into my life, a marvellous hobby to cultivate by […]


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